We are specialized in chartering of bulk carriers for wide range of cargoes like clinker, coal, coke, sulphur, phosphate, iron ore, grain, animal seed, woodchips, cement, rice, fertilizers, steel products, aggregates etc. Our scope includes voyage charter and consecutive voyages, contracts of affreightment as well as bareboat charters with deadweight ranging from 5000 tons to Panamax vessels. Our chartering team have excellent and close working relationship with ship owners and barge operators which allow us to provide our clients with top quality service without any restrictions on the commodity or destinations.

Our Company specializes in the following field:

  • Ocean transportation of Dry Bulk Cargoes.
  • Transportation of non-container goods: steel, non-ferrous metals, timber and big bags shipped materials.
  • Transportation of special heavy, over-sized, part cargoes.
  • Chartering analysis of the best options for sea transportation, such as spot fixing, freight contract, time charter period, freight derivatives or any other system, always trying to fit in with our clients’ requests in order to minimize their expenses with the best service guarantee.
  • We work all dry cargo vessels, such as "coasters", "handysizes", "handymaxes", "supramaxes", "panamaxes" and "capers".

Operational Services

Our experienced operations team at Magna begins their work before a voyage is fixed, by checking and making sure that back to back shipping terms are being equally fixed and used between all parties involved on the Fixture. Once voyage is fixed, we take care of nominating a performer vessel to all parties involved (Shippers/Receivers/Agents), making sure all of them have been properly provided with nominated performer vessel and same is duly confirmed timely.

Upon final performer vessels' confirmation, we nominate Ship Agents and establishes contact with them, both at loading and discharging ports, in order to ensure they are fully and duly appointed and reported. Prior to the beginning of the voyage, we start tracking vessels' position to secure her arrival at loading port within the agreed loading dates and we monitor and manage the full voyage by providing complete information about arrival notices, sea passage, daily loading/discharging evolution and checking/control of cargo documents.

Our work is not fully completed without lay time and time sheet revision and assessment, which we can provide for every shipment, checking that they are properly calculated according to agreed shipping terms and always trying to obtain as much profit as possible. Apart from the above regular services that we do on a regular basis, our team offers and provides shipping assessment on cargo claims and damages to avoid reaching the last step with lawyers or arbitrators. All above services are of course, always under a fully private and confidential atmosphere since no any information is disclosed to any third party without consent.